Wednesday, 2 July 2014


During the recent 130th Lincolnshire Show, exhibitor Systematic Print Management from Caistor, asked visitors to their marquee what they love about Lincolnshire.

Over 300 visitors wrote their reason on a heart shaped sticky note and posted it on an eye-catching board for all to see. Their contribution was rewarded with some love-heart sweets.

This linked to Systematic’s theme for the Show, ‘It’s amazing what you can do with paper’ as well as their Heart of the Community accolade. The company secured this award at the Lincolnshire Media Business Awards in October 2013, for their excellence in corporate, social and ethical activity.

The results - What do we love about Lincolnshire the most?
  1. The top-ranking survey response, taking 19% of the vote, was the Lincolnshire countryside, from the wonderful Wolds to big skies. 
  2. In second position, visitors shared their love of yellow-bellies, us Lincolnshire folk!
  3. Lincolnshire sausages! 
  4. Lincolnshire's amazing views
  5.  Food was the response in fifth place
It’s no surprise that there was a wide range of responses, testament to the many things that Lincolnshire offers.

Survey respondents cited everything from the Red Arrows to the Cathedral and Chalk Streams.

Food was also a dominant theme, perhaps as visitors worked up an appetite walking around the Show!

Cheese and ice-cream are why some people love Lincolnshire, as well as stuffed chine and our local sweetshops!

More surprisingly, three people referenced the dialect and one person even loves the smell of Lincolnshire above anything else, perhaps they had sizzling Lincolnshire sausages on their mind!

Managing Director Chris Robey commented on the buzz of activity Systematic’s marquee. “It was a real pleasure to see all the responses being posted on the display. It was a great reminder of how lucky we are to live in Lincolnshire and how many things that we have to be thankful for.

"I was not surprised to see beautiful countryside and friendly people at the top of the chart, although the answer that had the least need for description was undoubtedly ‘Sausages’.

The board is now standing in our reception at Caistor, and we’d welcome anyone who wants to pop in to add their own suggestion.”

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