Monday, 14 July 2014


Alfred Enderby is a traditional brick built 100 year old smoke house in the heart of Grimsby's historic fish docks. Fresh fish is bought daily off the auction market and after processing is smoked slowly overnight to be packed and dispatched all over England. They supply wholesale, retail and have an online sales site that anyone can use. Or simply buy some smoked haddock or salmon straight out of the smoke house.

Alfred Enderby have been awarded PGI European protected status ensuring the highest standards and provenance of our products. The building is one of just a few traditional smoke houses left in Britain and as such is a listed building. It was built specifically for the cold smoking of cod and haddock. Over the last 30 years, they have added smoked salmon thanks to the availability of affordable farm salmon. They remain, however an artisan, high-end, specialist producer with most processing still being done by skilled knife hands. Also the smoking process itself is adjusted and monitored by highly experienced smokers.

With over 50 years experience over two generations, they have built up an enviable reputation for quality and reliability, with their products in demand among Britain's top chefs. They work closely with several, such as Richard Corrigan and Angela Hartnett, as part of the International Slowfood Movement and have been included in their exclusive Ark of Taste.

Anyone can enjoy their products though by going on and ordering online. These include smoked salmon, haddock, finnans and trout at very competitive prices.

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