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Pic Credit - Planning for climate change

Thursday 4 December 2014
Venue - TBC

This is the first conference in a series across the UK and Ireland entitled ‘Planning for Climate Change’.

The key focus of the day is to debate and discuss the key issues that face communities across the Country when it comes to adapting to climate change and addressing the problems and opportunities that Climate Change brings.

On the day itself, there are plans for up to 14 speakers plus up to 20 display spaces and up to 250 delegates.

The cost to attend as a delegate and/or speaker is £240 plus VAT. The reduced rate for Students and Researchers is £120 plus VAT. Display Spaces for the event are also competitively priced at £750 plus VAT. Details of the event will appear on the Conference website soon and the following Social

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For more information on the good practice that Planning for Climate Change Conference Team is doing in other policy fields please check out the following link which shows the Conferences that is being organise on Rural Development.

The register as a delegate, speaker, submit a paper or take a display space place email here.

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