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  • Book your stall at the Bakkavor Family Fun Day local specialist food producers
  • Email for your booking form.
Bakkavor is hosting two Family Fun Days at Springfields on the weekend of 19th & 20th July to raise funds for their 2014 nominated project, Gosberton House School.

On Saturday 19th they have their own inter-company It’s A Knockout Competition and Tuby’s Fun Fair is also on site offering children and adult rides for their staff. In the evening there is an outdoor Queen tribute band concert with a fireworks finale. Tickets for this are on sale to their staff and the public via the South Holland Centre Box Office Tel: 01775 764777.

On Sunday 20th our charity, Springfields Horticultural Society is combining with Bakkavor to have a Fun & Fund-Raising Day, with profits from the event being shared between their Gosberton House School project and the Springfields Gardens charity.

Tuby’s Fun Fair will be staying on site and we are inviting craft and gift exhibitors, local specialist food producers and also selected “Vintage Collectables” traders to be here. Space will be allocated only on receipt of the completed booking form and payment. At the moment it is expected that all stand spaces will be inside the Events Centre main hall and marquee suite. Public entry will be a recommended £2 donation per person.

If you would like to take part in this show, please complete the attached form and return it to me at the above address. Passes and further details will be sent nearer the date of the event.

We very much look forward to you being part of Bakkavor Family Fun & Fund-Raising Day.

Yours faithfully,
Sue Hargreaves
Fun Day Administrator


Do you have any news stories for the next Good Taste magazine?

Send in your news
We’ll welcome news such as recent award wins, new products, new premises or equipment which would be of interest to the readers of the magazine. Or you are planning an event between the end of September and Easter next year? If you do please send them over to

Check your listing
If you have a business listing in the back of the magazine could you please check and make sure your contact details are correct and the write up is up to date. If you don't have the magazine to hand, you can check it on the Visit Lincolnshire Website, just click on the GT front cover on the left after you've scrolled down a little:

If you haven't a listing and would like one, let me know and I will ask Gillian to contact you –

Deadline for submissions
Please email any news or amends to your business listing by 14 July.


  • Saturday 13th September
  • Time 10am till 5pm
The Friends of Queen Eleanor School in Harby and the village community are reviving the Harby Village Show, and they would like you to join them with a food stall.

The family fun day will bring activities, displays, exhibitions and competitions, as well as a lovely food and drink from local producers.

The event will raise funds for the local school and community.

On offer at the show will be:
  • Jaguar cars on show
  • Dog show
  • Miniature railway
  • Traditional bowls
  • Tennis coaches
  • Craft and produce competitions,
  • Homemade and local produce
  • Hot food and drinks
  • Entertainment in show ring
  • Facilities and parking on site
Book your stall now
For more information and to book your stall please contact Maria Michael on


Visit Lincoln and Lincolnshire County Council invite you to Doddington Hall on Thursday 24th July to hear about the exciting year to come for Lincoln.

With the opening of Lincoln Castle Revealed and the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta less than one year away - this is your opportunity to find out what is happening in Lincoln during 2015; how you can get involved and ensure your business is ready.

11am - 1pm. Followed by optional Estate Tour.
  • 11am -Arrive at Doddington Hall, refreshments will be served.
  • 11.30am - 1pm - Lincoln Castle Revealed. Project update and what this £22m investment means for your business and tourism in Lincoln and beyond. Visit Lincoln Partnership. Marketing Lincoln, customer service training and how you can get involved
  • 1pm Event close
A free Doddington Estate Tour following the event is optional.

The event is free to attend for all tourism businesses. Space is limited and booking for the event and the tour is essential, priority will be given to tourism businesses.

Book your place now on Eventbrite.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014


Alastair Hawken with Grantham Gingerbread

Yellowbellies can enjoy a taste of history with their cuppa when tucking into a new local biscuit, dating back to 1740.

Grantham Gingerbread is being produced by Alastair Hawken, a coffee shop owner from the town who has taken on the task of reviving this long-lost teatime treat.

In the 1700s, Grantham was one of the stopping places for horse-drawn coaches on the Great North Road. Passengers and drivers would stock up on so-called Grantham Whetstones for the journey – hard, flat bakes which were some of the first biscuits made for sale in the country.
Baker William Egglestone made a mistake in his recipe in 1740 and Grantham Gingerbread was born. It was very popular but in the 1970s, stopped being sold commercially. Alastair stepped in a few years ago and started producing them for his shop Panini, in Grantham’s Westgate. 

Now, 180g packets of the biscuits are being stocked in all of Lincolnshire Co-op’s 77 food stores. They’re part of the Society’s popular Love Local range, which includes a variety of goods sourced from the trading area, from bread to beer and from cheese to crisps.
“We’re a nation of biscuit lovers and I’m sure people will enjoy rediscovering Grantham Gingerbread,” said Alastair. “It’s got a very light, delicate ginger flavour with a buttery aftertaste.”

Each batch is made from sausage-shaped rolls of a very dry dough which is cut up and then rolled, by hand, into small balls and baked.

The finished biscuits are bite-sized and look similar in shape to an Amaretto. Unlike traditional gingerbread, they don’t contain treacle so are very light in appearance and they also have a unique honeycomb-style centre.
“Grantham Gingerbread is one of the oldest biscuits in the country and when people try one, they can’t believe it isn’t more widely sold,” said Alastair. “As well as that unique heritage, there is the unique flavour – it’s a very special biscuit.”
Alastair, whose wife Kerry is a big supporter and whose young sons Charlie and Joshua get a name-check on each packet, said he was delighted to be supplying a large local retailer like Lincolnshire Co-op.

“We want to spread the word about Grantham Gingerbread. Because Lincolnshire Co-op has lots of community stores around the county and beyond, it means that lots more people have the chance to try our biscuits,” he said.
“Lincolnshire Co-op is known for its support of local producers, it’s second to none, so we’re pleased to be working with the team.”

Supply Chain Manager for Lincolnshire Co-op Nicola Berry said customers would love trying Grantham Gingerbread.

“It’s got a great local story and it’s also delicious, a really high-quality product,” she said. “We’re lucky to have such goods on our doorstep in Lincolnshire and we’re happy to do our bit to support these artisan producers through our Love Local range.”

For more on Grantham Gingerbread go to and for details about Lincolnshire Co-op or the Love Local range, visit

Tuesday, 24 June 2014


The World Cup may be over for England, but there is still a whole summer of fun awaiting the nation!

The sun has finally made a lasting appearance and everyone is getting their BBQ's and picnic hampers out.

 To celebrate the summer, Great British BBQ are hosting the Great British Banger competition. If you win, you'll raise the awareness of your sausages, so why not give it a go?

For more information, check out the Great British Banger webpage.

Monday, 23 June 2014


This week's Historic Food comes from long time Select Lincolnshire for Food contributor, Sadie Hirst with a fascinating sweet treat.

Apart from the Mid-Summer Solstice, of which there doesn’t appear to be any special foods attached, there is a bit of a lull in traditional festivals. So I thought we would have a bit of a change on the recipe front this month. As you may know I love reading old cookery books and am interested in our baking history.

One of my favourite old cookery books is by Elizabeth Raffald, it is called the “Experienced English Housekeeper”, which was first published in 1769.

She was born as Elizabeth Whittaker in Doncaster in 1733 and was one of five daughters. All of the girls enjoyed a privileged upbringing in that they were taught to read and write by their Father – John Whittaker, who was a school teacher. This undoubtedly gave Elizabeth an enormous advantage in her remarkable career and with her writing later in life.

In 1748 aged just fifteen years old, Elizabeth worked for several families in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire before settling down to be the housekeeper for the Warburton’s of Arley Hall in Cheshire. It was here that she met her future husband John Raffald, he was the Warburton’s head gardener.

In 1763 they moved to Manchester, where John’s family were from. Elizabeth at some point trained as a Confectioner, so she put this to good use and started her business path by opening one confectioners shop and subsequently a second shop. Confectioners had a different meaning then, it refers to all things sweet such as cakes and pastries. The shop would probably have been more like a Deli, selling cooked meats, soups as well as bread and bakery products. Not just sweets and chocolate as we think of confectionary now.

Her Husband John sold flowers and seeds from a market stall and also ran a vegetable stall with other members of his family.

From the shop address Elizabeth ran the first employment agency for servants catering for the Manchester area. Ever the entrepreneur, in addition to the two shops and agency, in 1768 Elizabeth starts to advertise in the Manchester Mecury “Plumb Cakes for Weddings”. This was a year before she had her book published. In her book it would be the first time we would see a Wedding Cake as we would recognise it now. It shows the recipe for Bride Cake, covered in Marzipan and Icing. This combination had never been printed before.

It really is quite staggering what this woman achieved, an amazing business woman at a time when it was unheard of. Not only did she have a multi-faceted career, she had according to some reports sixteen daughters in eighteen years, but sadly only three survived.

In 1769 her book is published and another example of Elizabeth’s business acumen is that she understood that publishing piracy was rife, especially in cookery books. To avoid this she sold the book by advance subscription, to ensure that she benefitted financially. All 800 copies were sold this way on the first print run. She personally signed all copies in the first print run and the second run of 400. The book sold for five shillings each and the main selling point was that all the recipes were her original ones and hadn’t been in print before.

The book went on to further print runs and eventually it did end up being pirated, with 13 Authorised editions and 22 pirated ones. It was adapted for the American market in 1801.In 1773 she sold the publishing rights to the printers R. Baldwin of London for £1400, equivalent to £151,000 in today’s money.

The book was a huge success and she dedicated it to Lady Warburton who she stayed in touch with
throughout her career. Elizabeth’s book was a favourite of Queen Victoria’s with passages of it copied into the Queens diary. This is interesting as it would have been an old cookery book by the time of Victoria’s reign. The Experienced English Housekeeper was published nearly a hundred years before the iconic Victorian book “ Beeton’s Book of Household Management”, which was first published in 1861.

After the book was published she had “many fingers in many pies” – she ran a couple of pubs in Manchester, set up a Post Office, in 1771 helped set up Salford’s first newspaper “Prescott’s Journal”, part owned the Newspaper Harrop’s Mercury, catered for a race course as well as her continuing Bridal cake business. She also co-wrote a book on Midwifery with one of the founders of Manchester Royal Infirmary, however this was found in manuscript form and it is unknown whether it was actually printed.

Some of her ventures made money and some lost a considerable amount. It is unfortunate that her Husband was a notorious alcoholic and they were often in debt because of his vices. At that time women had no legal rights, so all of the businesses were in his name.

On Thursday 19 April 1781 Elizabeth came down with spasms and died within the hour. She was buried at Stockport Parish Church.

I think she was an incredible person and it is a shame that she is largely forgotten, whilst the later Isabella Beeton gets a much larger share of the limelight.

Following is one of Elizabeth’s recipes. As with all books of this era the instructions are almost non-existent. I have tweaked it a bit, as the ingredients we have these days are slightly different. This would have required a lot of hard work to make this recipe in Elizabeth’s day, but now we can whizz this up in a matter of minutes with our electric whisks and reliable ovens.

Elizabeth Raffald’s Chocolate Puffs

Preheat your oven to 150c

You will need two baking trays lined, a bowl, a sieve, an electric whisk, 2 little bowls to separate your eggs, two tablespoons.

8oz Icing Sugar
1oz Cocoa Powder
2 Egg Whites 

  1. Weigh and Double Sieve your Icing Sugar and Cocoa Powder
  2. Whisk your egg whites until really frothy, I used the whisk attachment on a freestanding mixer
  3. Sieve again your sugar and cocoa mixture onto your egg whites. 
  4. Mix together again with the mixer, but I changed to a beater attachment, rather than a whisk.
  5. It should be nice and glossy but stiff enough to hold its shape.
  6. Put walnut size “blobs” on your baking sheet, leave a bit of room as they will puff up. 
  7. Bake at 150c fan for 30mins or until they are cooked. They should be nice and smooth on the top and still a bit gooey in the middle.
  8. To me they are bit of a cross between a meringue and a macaron. They are much cheaper and quicker to make that French Macarons though and a lot less expensive as they don’t include ground almonds.
  9. These little chocolate puffs are nice on their own with a coffee, or you could split them when they are cold and fill with whipped double cream like you would a meringue.
I think it is a great way of preserving our Baking Heritage by continuing to make these recipes now, I love that people have been enjoying making and eating this recipe for over two hundred years. TV shows quite often focus on recipes that use ingredients that we would find very odd, even repulsive. Sometimes there is often an element of freak show about the dishes that are shown. The reality is that most of the recipes were good, tasty and wholesome every day food that we have enjoyed for centuries.

Friday, 20 June 2014


Image Credit: Flickr

Developing a Local Online Marketing Strategy
Friday 4th July, 9.00am-4.30pm

Businesses with a local customer base have a wide range of online marketing options available to them. These include local search engine optimisation (such as Google+ Local), location-targeted pay per click advertising, social media marketing and email marketing.

The right choices of what to use are very much dependent on the type of business you have, so this event will help you understand the mechanics and potential costs of each marketing channel you might want to use, from coupon-style offer websites to advertising on Facebook or Google.
  • The importance of mobile – mobile-friendly websites and location-based online services
  • Local search – optimising for Google+ Local (Places/Maps) and Bing Local
  • Location-based pay per click advertising, including remarketing.Social media marketing for small local businesses (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest) – how to get people talking and engage with them
  • Using coupon sites to promote offers
  • Building an email list and utilising it effectively
To attend these sessions, you must have less than 250 employee's and be a part of one of these Local Authorities:
Boston Borough, East Lindsey and Lincoln City

To book on, please follow this link and sign up online.


Image Credit: Flickr

Tattershall Castle are holding their Centenary Celebration on 8th and 9th August and they are looking for stall holders!

They are looking for hot food businesses and anyone else who would be interested. Tattershall Castle are offering the chance for local produce to be sold at a Lincolnshire Landmark. The pitch will be free and whatever profit you make on the day is 100% yours!

Stalls are not provided so ensure you have your own and electricity is unlikely due to limited power points.

If you are interested in attending this event and would like a stall, please get in touch with Paul Robinson at


Sadie Hirst is an award winning baker and member of the British Society of Baking. With her Husband Russell they a have a multi award winning butchers shop in Woodhall Spa. This recipe is another of Sadie's culinary triumphs; Merry Go Round Biscuits!

1 Sieve dry ingredients, the oatmeal will be left in the sieve
2 Pour to oatmeal that is left in the sieve and stir into other dry ingredients
3 Weigh in your butter and rub in
4 Chop your raisins up nice and fine

5 Put in your egg yolk and a splash of milk to make a firm dough
6 Mix together with a broad bladed knife until it all comes together
7 Knead together until there are no cracks
8 Flour your board and roll out to 1/4 thickness and cut out your biscuits

9 Put on your lined baking tray. I got 18 biscuits from a 2" cutter
10 Bake for 10mins at 170c fan
11 Take out of the oven and off the trays onto a cooling rack, delicious warm.

Do you have a recipe you'd like to share? Email Loryn Good with the full method, ingredients and a few nice pictures to be included!

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HAVE YOUR SAY - Quarterly Economic Survey

"... the single most important piece of information for business planning ..."

Fill out the QES Survey - click here

What is QES?
The Quarterly Economic Survey (QES) is a business questionnaire that gives a ‘health check’ on Lincolnshire’s economy. It is done four times a year at the beginning of each trading quarter. It forms part of the British Chambers of Commerce’s national survey, and the results given by Lincolnshire businesses contributes to the body of evidence.

Why is it important?
QES is the most authoritative national business confidence survey and the first to be published in each quarter. Its results are closely watched by HM Treasury and the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee. The results can be used and referenced by Lincolnshire businesses in applications and tenders, as well as the press. It is a valuable document for anyone needing to quote the latest economic trading results for Lincolnshire.

How to contribute
Any business that is based in Lincolnshire is eligible to fill it out. The survey comprises of no more than 25 tick box questions covering demand, employment, confidence, investment and external factors and takes just two minutes to complete. No detailed information is required and the survey is completely anonymous. The Quarter 1 survey for 2014 will be available to fill out on Monday 24 February for two weeks.
What to get involved?
Add your details to the list through this website, and receive the questionnaire every time.

Or, fill out the QES survey by clicking here.

Where will I see the results?
Look out for the results on after the survey period ends, and you can follow #ChamberQES on twitter.

Find out more information
If you would like more information about contributing and using the QES results please contact or call 01522 523333.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Jamie Oliver's event catering company, Fabulous Feasts, has selected Redhill Farm Free Range Pork Pies again for all their hampers going to Lord's Cricket Ground this Summer.

Following on from last year when Fabulous Feasts first won the contract for exclusive event catering at the venue, Redhill Farm Free Range Pork Pies are once again sought after by the Jamie Oliver Group when quality matters most!

Jamie Oliver refers to the free range pork pies, made by hand at the farm near Gainsborough in Lincolnshire, as "awesome free range pork pies" The Jamie Oliver Group Head Chef, who first discovered them told MD Jane Tomlinson said "Your pork pie is fantastic...and believe me there is a lot of competition for pork pies!"

On hearing that their pork pies will also be going to the Tennis at Queen's Club, Jane comments, "We are really pleased that our free range pork pies are included in the hampers at such high profile British sporting events where quality is paramount. What's reassuring for all our local customers is that we haven't had to adapt our recipe to make a special pork pie for Jamie Oliver, they are exactly the same as the ones we sell around the county at Farmers' Markets or from our Farm Shop and On-line."

The pork pies have won Gold at the national Great Taste Awards every year since 2010.

Redhill Farm Free Range Pork Pies are made by hand with fresh cuts of pork and fat and a little salt and pepper and nothing else. The pastry is made using hot water and lard for a hand raised crust which allows the pies to be baked without tins, ensuring the pastry is evenly baked all over to a golden finish and is perfectly crisp and crumbly.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Image: Rick Byrne

W Clayton & Son have been growing fruit on their farm in North East Lincolnshire for 30 years. To compliment their fresh fruit business, they also produce a range of fruit wines made entirely from their own fruit with no artificial additives.

Their range of 'Fabulously Fruity Wines' are produced, bottled and matured in their own winery at Peaks Top Farm.

The care and attention that goes into making each batch of 'Fabulously Fruity Wine' produces a rich, smooth, fruity taste that can be enjoyed at any time!


If you are going to the Lincolnshire Show this year, and are a member of Select Lincolnshire for Food, let us know and we can support you with social media over the two days of trading.

The @LoveFoodLincs twitter account has over 5,700 followers – and every single person following wants to know more about our quality food offering in Lincolnshire. And on our Facebook, we have a further 690.

You can piggy back on our twitter account and facebook accounts, and use them to signpost more followers and potential new customers to your twitter, Facebook, website or stall at the Lincolnshire Show.

What we need to know
Email and tell her:

1. Where you will be at the Lincolnshire Show.
2. What you are selling.
3. Your twitter handle / name.
4. Your website address.
5. Three amazing things about your business and product.
6. Got pictures – please send them also.

With this information Charlotte will write your tweets for you and send them out over Wednesday and Thursday next week.

If you can tweet at the event, please copy us in using @LoveFoodLincs and the hashtag #LincsShow.


Michael and Mary Davenport

Cheesemaker Cote Hill Cheese is celebrating a double success – including a special “first” – after wowing the judges at this year’s British Cheese Awards.

Michael and Mary Davenport’s family farming enterprise scooped a gold medal for its latest temptation Cote Hill Lindum, which went on to be named Best New Cheese in the prestigious event, staged at the home of the Royal Bath and West Show.

The Davenports have, once again, been flying the flag for Lincolnshire produce and Cote Hill Cheese, a Select Lincolnshire member, is particularly proud of its latest achievement.

Michael Davenport said: “We have won many accolades for our cheeses over the past few years, but this is the first time we have been named the best in a category at these prestigious awards.

“We beat off about 68 other entrants in our category to take top honours and we are extra proud because Cote Hill Lindum, which is a washed rind cheese, was only developed by our son Joe last November.”

The rind of Cote Hill Lindum is washed in beer, which is produced by the Tom Wood Brewery from Barnetby in North Lincolnshire. The cheese complements five others in the Davenport’s popular range, including Cote Hill Blue, Cote Hill Yellow and Cote Hill Red.

The British Cheese Awards (BCA) celebrated its 21st year by making its home at the Royal Bath and West Show, based at Shepton Mallet. The National Cheese Awards ceremony has traditionally been held at the show for many years, but joining forces with the BCA has led to the introduction of many new classes.

The 2013 British Cheese Awards attracted more than 900 entries from 183 British and Irish cheesemakers. Together, they represented 71 per cent of all British cheesemakers.

For showgoers, enjoying a nibble of the latest award-winning cheeses is just one of the perks of visiting the Royal Bath and West Show, but Cote Hill Lindum has also been trialled locally (in Lincolnshire) and has being very well received.

Michael and Mary Davenport produce their much-loved cheeses using the creamy morning milk from their 70-strong herd of Friesian and Red Poll dairy herd. The couple have been dairy farming for more than 30 years and began cheesemaking in 2005.

Their success has already seen their cheesemaking enterprise having to be extended and cheeselovers are quick to track down their favourite products at farmers’ markets in Lincoln, Sleaford and Brigg, at farm shops and in selectedretail outlets. The Davenports also supply a selection of restaurants.


Scrubbys Vegetable Crisps, a Select Lincolnshire member based in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire is celebrating the news that their crisp brand, Scrubbys, is now available nationwide – via online supermarket Ocado.

The fledgling firm has both of its flavour creations listed by the company, putting it alongside industry giants Kettles and Tyrells.

The 100g bags are being sold at £2.49 by the online operation, which dispatches more than 155,000 orders a week, and has enjoyed 22 per cent growth year-on-year.

Claire and John Brumby are the couple behind the Europarc-based venture, and believe this new listing could be a game-changer for the brand, which currently shifts around 10,000 bags a month. And with some eye-catching London stockists in Harrods, Fortnum and Mason, As Nature Intended, Partridges and Planet Organic joining farm shops and delis up and down the country, enthusiasm for the recognised "Cool Brand" and Great Taste Award winner remains strong.

While it comes just two years after the launch at the Northern Lincolnshire Business Awards, captured on the front page of the Grimsby Telegraph, for the husband and wife team with marketing and agricultural backgrounds it has seemed like a lot longer.

In the past 12 months outlets have risen from 100 to nearly 300 for the vegetables crisps, cooked using high oleic sunflower oil with the technique bringing down the fat levels in comparison to rival brands.

The original flavour of beetroot, sweet potato, parsnip and carrot with sea salt was complemented by parsnip, chilli and lime in spring last year.

Mrs Brumby said: "We are over the moon with this listing, it’s come just as we’ve just turned two, which sometimes it feels like a lot longer; sometimes it feels like we are not going quick enough, but then we sit down and think what we have done. We have a Great Taste Award, we have been named a Coolbrand and shortlisted at the FreeFrom Awards. We have got our heads down and done our thing, and now we have between 200 and 300 stockists.

"We are looking forward to securing more listings soon. It does take time, volumes have increased gradually, and everyone who stocks us does restock."

Radio 2 breakfast host and media personality Chris Evans is a fan, with Dragon Theo Paphitis having backed their efforts through his Small Business Sunday social media competition.

The listing Ocado Listing.


Seeking high-flying food and drink entrepreneurs!

The search is now on for Britain’s first-ever Investec Food & Drink Entrepreneur of the Year 2014.

We seek top food and drink entrepreneurs from the nation whose food is now the envy of the world.

The Awards are partnered by Business is GREAT/The GREAT Britain Campaign which showcases the very best of what Britain has to offer.

Whether small or large, a producer or a retailer, the unique chance is here for your client to tell their story, parade their business success before the country’s greatest entrepreneurs themselves – and win £5000. The competition is free to enter.

The glittering judging panel includes the indefatigable Luke Johnson (Pizza Express, Patisserie Valerie, Feng Sushi, Strada, Giraffe, Gail’s Artisan Bakery), Lord Karan Bilimoria of Cobra Beer, Julian Metcalfe, Pret a Manger and Itsu, Lady Carole Bamford of Daylesford Organics and Lord Noon of Noon Foods.

So don’t stay in the wings - put your best foot forward, take a bow and see your client’s name in lights

Investec Food & Drink Entrepreneur of the Year is now open for registration and entries.


A business leader from the food sector in North East Lincolnshire is needed to join the board of the Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership.

A vacancy has arisen on the board of the LEP, which has just published a plan which aims to double the contribution of the agri-food sector to the area’s economy by 2030.

The LEP is looking to recruit a new board member from the private sector in North East Lincolnshire with extensive knowledge and influential contacts in the food sector in particular.

“Agri-food forms one of our key priority sectors and food production and manufacturing are a key driver for our economy, so we would welcome applications from business leaders in any food-related sector in North East Lincolnshire,” said Ursula Lidbetter MBE, Chair of the Greater Lincolnshire LEP.

“While we are looking for a food industry leader, however, the successful candidate will be a strategic thinker and will also be able to step back and see the bigger picture across the area.

“The role of the LEPs is becoming more exciting and more significant, and we have been working hard on a number of fronts to make  Greater Lincolnshire a prosperous and economically strong region.

“We also have big plans for the agri-food sector which we set out in our new plan for the industry, and our new board member will play a key role in taking those plans forward.”

The new member will replace Leendert den Hollander, who has stepped down from the LEP board after moving from Young’s Seafood to Coca-Cola Enterprises.

The post is voluntary and open only to business leaders in North East Lincolnshire.

It will involve attending around eight meetings per year, lobbying MPs sometimes in London, attending other meetings as a representative for the LEP and background reading of papers and documents. Travel expenses can be claimed.

For an informal discussion, please call Ruth Carver on 01522 550515 or Kate Storey on 01522 550540. The deadline for applications is 30th June 2014.  Applications should be made by sending a CV and covering letter to Kate Storey either by post to Greater Lincolnshire LEP, City Hall, Beaumont Fee, Lincoln, LN1 1DD or via email:    

Thursday, 5 June 2014


Visit Lincoln Partnership is the official Destination Management Organisation for Lincoln and surrounding area. Due to demand, they are producing a visitor guide to promote all that Lincoln has to offer.

The official Lincoln City Guide will be an inspiring and informative guide to the city, in DL format, full colour with a print run of 50,000 copies.

The guide will be distributed across Lincolnshire and beyond including:

  • Hotels and attractions
  • Lincoln Visitor Information Centre
  • Across the Lincolnshire Tourist Information Centre Network
  • High footfall areas and events across the city
  • To groups and group tour operators
  • Posted to visitors in advance of their arrival in Lincoln
  • Out of county information points
  • Available to download or order from

Why Advertise?
  • Cost effective way to profile your businesses
  • Free copies for your use as an advertiser
  • The guide will say "£1 where sold" so you may wish to sell to your own customers
  • A handy front of house tool to assist visitors looking for information and locations in the city
  • Guides are kept by visitors and referred to multiple times.

BOOK NOW! Space is limited and will be reserved on a first come, first served basis. To book, please send confirmation and artwork via email to

For more information, please phone Clare at Visit Lincoln on 01522 842 705


This year's Select Lincolnshire Award winners were given a lovely mention in the Co-op's Spring magazine.

The Lincolnshire Co-op was a key sponsor for the People's award this year and have mentioned in a small article the best places to eat from our winners including Uncle Henry's farm shop, Pooley's Tearoom, The Sebastopol Inn and The Green Room Restaurant at The Lincoln Hotel.

Find a full list of winners at


Flickr: Jill Brown

Did you know that National Diabetes week is coming?

Hosted by Diabetes UK, this years theme is 'i Can' to symbolise the struggles people with diabetes can face.

We want to know if you are a Select Lincolnshire for Food member and had a product or offer to support healthy eating or that helps peoples dietary requirements. Get in touch and we can showcase your business and your product on our blog!

Contact Charlotte Goy with any information at or phone 01522 846925.

Monday, 2 June 2014


On Saturday 7th June, Washingborough Academy will be holding a Farmer's Market with many Select Lincolnshire for Food members attending!

Odlings Butchers, Green Dog Deli, Jenny's Jams, Lindsay Gavin (home-made cakes) and John Vandervord (plants) will all have stalls at this weekends market.

The children of the school have also made their own products to be sold too! So come and try something new from the delicious, fresh, local produce that are on offer. There will be a wide variety of stalls so there is something to suit everyone and there will be home-made refreshments available.

The market will take place on Saturday 7th June, 10.30am-12.30pm at Washingborough Academy.

Please get in touch if you require more information by emailing or telephone 01522 801355


Join us next weekend to discover Lincolnshire's fantastic farms!

Have a look on the Open Farm Sunday Website to see which Lincolnshire farms are opening their gates next weekend.

Or if you'd rather stick to browsing the shelves at our lovely Lincolnshire farm shops and delis, have a look at the Select Lincolnshire for Food website.

Our finest farms to visit next weekend.....

Minting Park Farm - meet pigs, sheep, chickens and cows. Join the farm walk, explore the machinery display and round the day off with refreshments in the farm shop.

Uncle Henry's - jump on the tractor ride, browse the machinery display, explore on a guided walk, dig into delicious cafe food and browse in the farm shop.

If you can't make it to a farm,
We can bring Lincolnshire's award winning produce to you..... 

From award winning sausages and creamy cheese, through to organic vegetable boxes and hand-crafted pork pies - we can bring Lincolnshire to you via mail order.

Discover our award winning farm products below.
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