Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Image Credit: Nicholas A. Tonelli
Bid applications for the Leader Rural Development Programme are currently in progress for January 2015. 

The focus for the new programme is on growth and jobs with funding going to schemes that;
  • Improve rural life and businesses 
  • Promote environmentally friendly ways of managing land 
  • Sustain existing and create new areas of woodlands 
  • Increase Farming and Forestry productivity 
  • Support Natural and Cultural Heritage 
  • Provision of rural services 
  • Support Micro and small businesses and farm diversification 
  • Increase Rural Tourism 

You may be able to apply for funding if you’re:
  • a farmer or grower, 
  • a rural business owner, 
  • living in a rural community, including market towns and villages, managing land or woodland.
Contact us for more information on this scheme or to make an appointment to discuss whether your business might be eligible to apply.

The initial consultation is free and without obligation.

Call 01778 424640 or visit

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