Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Excitement is mounting for top Lincoln jam-maker Jenny Smith, who is to play a starring role in a worldwide competition.

The owner of Jenny’s Jams, who lives in Carlton Boulevard, has been invited to use her expertise to help find the winners in this year’s hotly-contested World Jampionships. Jam-lovers from around the globe can’t resist the challenge!

Jenny is a passionate “jambassador” and the brains behind a hugely popular range, comprising eight homemade jams, 11 chutneys and eight marmalades, and she can’t wait for next month’s judging.

The event, which is backed by Grimsby-based jam jars manufacturer Pattesons Glass Limited and headline sponsor Scottish jam and marmalade-maker Mackays, from Arbroath, will mean Jenny has to pack her bags and head off for Blairgowrie to meet her fellow distinguished judges.

“I’m really honoured to be asked. It’s going to be so exciting and I’m eagerly awaiting to hear about which class I shall be judging. Jam-making isn’t always easy, but I shall be on the lookout for jams with a good colour, great depth of flavour and superb consistency,” she said.

Jenny, who is a member of the promotional group Select Lincolnshire for Food, supplies Lincolnshire Co-operative, Lincolnshire farm shops including Uncle Henry’s (Grayingham) and The Pink Pig (near Scunthorpe), with her products.

Shoppers also flock to her stall at the Lincoln High Street, City Square and Castle Hill Farmers’ Markets, to buy their favourite jams and taste new seasonal favourites.

But people wondering how on earth she won the chance to officiate at the high profile Jampionships , should tune into the power of social media!

Apart from giving talks to leisure interest groups and demonstrating her craft, Jenny also keeps in touch with customers and friends via Twitter and Facebook!

“One day there was a knock on my door and I opened it to find Tracey Baxter, the founder and organiser of the World Jampionships. She introduced herself, said she had seen my website and I invited her for a cuppa and a chat,” said Jenny.

“I am quite active on Twitter and other social media channels and they obviously get you noticed, because that is how Tracey spotted me. She went on to track me down and invited me to be a World Jampionships’ judge.

“I thought this sounds brilliant and I can’t wait to find out which class I will be judging. Seeing as I haven’t had a holiday since 2009, because I am so busy with the business, it will also be a fabulous opportunity to take a little break.”

Tracey Baxter of The Extra Mile Marketing, who is originally from the Grantham area of Lincolnshire – but who is now based in Scotland – is the driving force behind the World Jampionships, which also raises funds for the charity Wish Upon A Star.

“The competition is all about keeping traditional methods of jam and jelly-making alive, celebrating people’s skills and raising standards. Entries have to be in by August 15 and the winners will be announced at the Dundee Food & Flower Festival on September 6,” she said.

“There is still time for people to enter and they can take their pick from eight categories - Artisan, Homemade, First Time Entrants, One Jammy Man (which is for gentlemen only), World Wide Women’s Institute Members, Hotel, Bed and Breakfast, Self-Catering, Team Effort and Junior Jam Makers.”

For further information, please contact Jenny Smith on (01522) 534405 

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