Monday, 14 July 2014


LJ Fairburn Poultry & Son is a British family business since 1951, producing and packaging only the best Lincolnshire Free range eggs of the highest quality. The eggs are 100% produced and packed on the family run farm.

The business has evolved over the past 60 years and we now produce over 8 million eggs a week ranging from organic, free range, barn and colony eggs. They strive to ensure that they are continually improve and expand their offering.

In addition, they also have a well established rearing business rearing in excess of 1,750,000 birds for our own use and for re-sale.

We produce and mill over 78,000 tonnes of feed every year which includes grain farmed from their 1,600 acres of arable land and other local sources.

Due to the close proximity of all their facilities and the total integrations of their processes, they continue to produce the freshest eggs in the UK.

Find out more on their website.

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