Wednesday, 8 October 2014


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The Castle is looking for a Supplier who understands their business, is passionate about food and customer service and is up to date with the current catering trends e.g. locally sourced food, healthy eating and menu options that will appeal to its visitors and the local population.

This opportunity is for the provision of catering service to Lincoln Castle on a concessionary basis. The council will not be funding or making any payment to the provider for this service and the provider will be expected to secure revenue by exploiting the commercial opportunity.

Where quality standards are set out, they are the minimum acceptable levels to be achieved on a consistent basis. The specification is not exhaustive and is to be taken as indicative of the general standards which are to be achieved. As a standard The Castle expects the Supplier to provide at all times a high level of professional service in all aspects of the catering operation and whilst the offer and services required below is indicative of what The Castle expects as a minimum.

It is expected that the Supplier will co-operate with The Castle during the term of the agreement to provide such services as are required and to develop and improve the services to meet any changing needs or demand.

The Contract will be let for an initial period of 3 years/36 months which is intended to commence on April 1st 2015 with the option to extend for up to 2 further periods of 12 months up to a maximum contract period of 60 months. The starting date of the contract will be subject to the building being completed by April 2015.

To apply, click on this link and then follow the instructions on screen.

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