Monday, 30 June 2014


Do you have any news stories for the next Good Taste magazine?

Send in your news
We’ll welcome news such as recent award wins, new products, new premises or equipment which would be of interest to the readers of the magazine. Or you are planning an event between the end of September and Easter next year? If you do please send them over to

Check your listing
If you have a business listing in the back of the magazine could you please check and make sure your contact details are correct and the write up is up to date. If you don't have the magazine to hand, you can check it on the Visit Lincolnshire Website, just click on the GT front cover on the left after you've scrolled down a little:

If you haven't a listing and would like one, let me know and I will ask Gillian to contact you –

Deadline for submissions
Please email any news or amends to your business listing by 14 July.

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