Thursday, 14 August 2014


Image Credit: Frederick Dennstedt

The Midlands Film Friendly Partnership is looking for locations for a new TV Show. Could you have something to offer?

A Japanese TV company is looking for suggestions for their show “Secret Places”.

The theme of the programme is “unknown treasures” and the idea is to film beautiful and fascinating places around the world that are usually not open to the public and may not ever have been filmed before. The proposed period for filming is sometime between mid-August to mid-October with a crew of around 5-7 people.

They are currently looking at exciting places such as secret tombs, archives of museums and galleries, hidden rooms in palaces etc. so I am wondering if you have any similar locations you could suggest. Could be anything from a castle to an interesting stately home; they are definitely open to suggestions as long as there is something ‘secret and special’ about them! The programme is a family entertainment programme, centred on a Japanese reporter, who will try to explore various secret locations. Therefore, ideally, they would really like to film the reporter entering a space that is not usually open to the public. The space would be:

  • Fascinating architecturally and/or contain objects that are rare or valuable
  • Not easily accessible to the public
  • Preferably have not been filmed before (or within the last decade or so)
  • Ideally has a locked door which can be opened by a key

Suggestions will be fine with links to websites where possible, pictures would be a bonus at this stage.

If you are interested in this unique opportunity, get in touch with Stephen Badham by emailing or phone 07980 671 928

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