Wednesday, 19 November 2014


The Business School at the University of Lincoln is looking to produce a series of short case studies on Lincolnshire businesses who have seen a positive return on the use of superfast broadband. 

Talking about it, Chris Heighton, from the University, said: “As part of the OnLincolnshire scheme we want to explore the value of broadband to the Lincolnshire economy, and how can the availability of higher bandwidth along with the innovative use of broadband contribute to business growth and sustainability?”

The research will focus specifically on use of broadband by SME’s (EU Definition) and has two core aims:

1. To produce a series of short case studies demonstrating the effects of increased bandwidth, coupled with business models that make best use of the digital economy.

2. To identify ways in which the economy of Lincolnshire, and individual enterprises can be further developed through digital technologies.

Chris continued: “The project involves collaboration between a group of researchers from the University, a group of exemplary small and medium enterprises, and a wider OnLincolnshire Knowledge Base Forum (OK Forum).

“Approximately 20 Case studies will be produced by collaborations between owner managers of small and medium sized enterprises and the research team. The cases will cover a range of sectors, with firm sizes between 5 and 200 employees.

“The aim is to capture and promote excellent examples of the use of online technologies for business purposes, but also to demonstrate the impact of increased broadband speeds and the challenges of remaining competitive in zero or low-bandwidth areas of the county.

“The SMEs will be encouraged to participate in the wider OK Forum and share intelligence for the Onlincolnshire Knowledgebase. The OK Forum members are people and organisations actively developing or researching the economic and social impact and value of online technologies and the digital economy.

“The Forum comprises small business owners, experts in digital technology and broadband, digital media and marketing and business model design. The Forum will also include people with expertise on the Lincolnshire economy.

“One of the target business sectors for the research is Visitor Economy, so we’d really like to hear from anyone who might fit the above criteria and would be interested in engaging in the research programme?

“There is no direct cost to engage in the programme other than the commitment of staff time to develop collaborative programmes. Potential benefits to SME’s interested in taking part in the programme include opportunities to develop new Business to Education partnerships that have been proven to support growth locally.

“In addition, engaging in the research can also facilitate new ideas, content, develop new relationships with different audiences and access highly specialist expertise and resources. Academic partnerships can inspire great ideas, provide essential insights, increase capacity and strengthen relationships.”

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