Wednesday, 21 May 2014


The food and farming sector in Greater Lincolnshire will double its contribution to the economy by 2030 by investing in skills, knowledge and production capacity.

That’s the ambitious target set out in a new plan for the region’s agri-food sector which has now been published by the Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership.

The Greater Lincolnshire Agri-food Sector Plan 2014-2020 confirms Greater Lincolnshire as a market leader in the agri-food sector, pointing out that 10% of English agriculture, 5% of UK food processing jobs and 70% of the UK fish processing sector are in Greater Lincolnshire.

The plan says the prospects for future growth are very positive, with large future increases in global demand projected; but the agri-food sector in Greater Lincolnshire faces a number of challenges and needs a clear and ambitious strategic plan if it is to sustain its market-leading position.

The document sets out a three-point vision for the area:
  • Reinforce Greater Lincolnshire’s status as the national centre for high value agri-food production
  • Increase the sector’s GVA (gross value added) by 25% per employee GVA by 2020
  • Grow sector output by 30% through import substitution and export-led growth
By 2030 the Greater Lincolnshire agri-food sector will have:
  • Doubled output and GVA
  • Increased employment by over 10% and GVA per employee by over 75%
  • Exploited motorway links to the Midlands, London and the south-east to replace 10% of UK manufactured food imports with Lincolnshire produce
  • Trebled exports of food and drink from the Greater Lincolnshire area by servicing markets in northern Europe and emerging economies
Among the plan’s recommendations are the creation of an industry-led Food Board, a new sector skills plan, a 25-year water supply plan to support food production and investment in transport infrastructure.

“Greater Lincolnshire is fortunate to be home to the UK’s largest and most progressive food sector, with dynamic businesses and well developed supply chains,” said Mark Tinsley, a south Lincolnshire arable farmer and sector lead for the plan at the Greater Lincolnshire LEP.

“Our agri-food sector is truly a national leader in this rapidly growing sector, but we must not rest on our laurels. The coming decades will bring many challenges and it’s important that Greater Lincolnshire is ready to face them.

“Our plan for the agri-food sector in Greater Lincolnshire is ambitious, but we are confident that it is achievable.”

The Greater Lincolnshire LEP will soon be sending the plan to agri-food and related businesses in the area and welcomes feedback.

A new brochure promoting the area’s food industry and related businesses such as logistics and packaging will also be published soon.

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