Monday, 7 April 2014


Summer is coming and Lincoln restaurants and cafés are making a bid to serve food and drink out-of-doors later in the evenings.

Owners and managers of premises in the city’s upper High Street have applied to Lincolnshire County Council to extend their pavement café licences so that they can keep their tables and chairs outside until 9pm.

Businesses are keen to enhance the continental ambience and vibrancy of the evening economy and they are asking customers to support them by signing a petition backing their request.

Those behind the move include Pizza Express, Craft, Slug & Lettuce, Walkabout, Churchills, Café Nero, Carluccio’s and The Appletree.

Currently, eateries and bars operating pavement-style cafes can only do so until 4pm, when they have to take in their tables and chairs to make way for delivery vehicles visiting the area.

However, businesses have carried out a survey which has shown that most deliveries actually take place before 10am.

Lincoln BIG Chief Executive Matt Corrigan said: “Traders also point out that this area will work in the same way, if not better, than the Brayford Waterfront, where both deliveries and pavement cafes are permitted to operate all day long.

“Businesses are hoping that they will get a “yes” from Lincolnshire County Council in time for them to make the most of the Summer sunshine and a busy period on the tourism and
events front.”

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