Friday, 15 April 2011

Jungle Book at The Butterfly and Wildlife Park

This Easter Weekend The Butterfly and Wildlife Park are welcoming back the Shooting Stars Theatre Company who'll be hosting a fantastic Jungle Book Weekend.

All the Jungle Book favourites will be at the Park and there will be many activities and performances for visitors to watch and join in with. Children over 5 can join in workshops with the actors at 11.30 (contact the park to sign up for these as it’s first come, first served) and some of the children will get the chance to appear in the 1.30 show in the park in front of a live audience. This will be a fantastic, colourful, lively and entertaining weekend and we hope to welcome many, many visitors to our fun packed Easter celebration. Of course, there will also be Easter Egg hunts and various Easter craft activities as well.

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  1. sounds like such fun!, thanks for posting, my niece and nephew who are staying, will love it!